Vintage Kantha Quilt

A unique heirloom, hand stitched by small villages using cotton fabrics to create a cosy quilt in beautiful reversible patterns.

In summer these are great picnic blankets, perfect for beach days or taking with you camping to keep warm and snug. In the cooler months these make a gorgeous bedspread, providing an extra layer of warmth, they‘re heavy and insulating, yet soft and malleable. 

Each quilt will individually showcase their rich history to you. They are by no means perfect, in fact the furthest thing you can find from the fast fashion era. Some areas have been beautifully patched up by hand, and little marks, stains, nicks or loose threading may be visible. The tell tale signs of a handmade quilt created 4-5 decades ago is each individual and incredible. 

We have picked each quilt due to its rich design and “fine stitched” heavy texture. They will last you generations. 

Approx size in inches: 90” x 62”

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