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Kantha Jacket Collection

Kantha Jacket Collection

Our handmade jackets are created from lightweight layered cotton kantha, and are fully reversible. They are light-weight in feel, though they will keep you warm and cosy.

A timeless staple for your wardrobe, thats perfect for layering, and carrying you through the seasons all year round.

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Crafted by hand, one block at a time

Crafted by hand, one block at a time

Block printing is a stunning form of ancient art which originated throughout Asia. Today this traditional method is still wholely appreciated and commonly practiced in India, for its beauty and charm.

This form of hand printing method involves using carved wooden blocks, dipped in colour dyes, and carefully stamped onto fabric.

Artisans in this craft have great skill, patience and an exceptional eye for detail. It's a labour intensive process, all done by hand, and is what makes our clothing extra special.

We cherish the lovely tell tale signs of the hands that make our clothing, as each piece will be individual and unique.

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