Slow, conscious fashion   ⚘

Slow, conscious fashion  ⚘

We focus on producing small quantity batches, a sustainable and slower alternative to throwaway fast-fashion. We design these pieces with love and patience, and longevity in mind so that you can cherish them for years to come.

We work with 4 incredible factories in Jaipur and Rajasthan who specialise in block printing, fabric manufacturing, colour dying and tailoring. Our manufacturing methods focus on slow batch orders, meaning the clothing we produce is always at a small and sustainable rate.

Our makers ⚘

Our makers ⚘

Our makers are really the core of our brand, bringing our designs to life. We have friendly and respectful relationships with our suppliers and provide above-average wages. Our pieces are ethically made, and at a manageable and sustainable pace for our team. This is central to our values, our brand and ethos.

Seeing the clothing being made from start to finish, changing hands from fabric preppers, to block printers, to tailors, to quality checkers (and it goes on), is as wonderful as it is rare.

How often do you see who has made your clothes?

All of our wonderful makers are on this journey with you. So from their hands to YOURS, enjoy!

Final touches by Shanti

Packaging ⚘

Packaging ⚘

All orders arrive in a beautiful recycled saree silk tote bag. These are made from waste fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away. Great for every day use and pretty!

We use environmentally friendly compostable mailing bags to ship orders, which feature an eco-friendly double glue line so you can either reuse them, allow them to decompose naturally or put them in your food waste bin.