Garment Care

How to best care for your garments
Due to the nature of the dying process, we only recommend hand-washing our clothing in cold water.
Some of our products are naturally dyed from plants and vegetables, which mean extra care is needed when washing these. We advise you to wash your items sparingly, using cool water. If you wish to use a detergent then a natural eco-friendly detergent is best, but with naturally dyed products such as indigo and madder red we believe using just water will help its longevity and avoid leakage.
It's not uncommon that in your first wash some residual dye may appear, so run this through with cool water. Wash items separately and do not mix colours. 
Some of our clothing that is not naturally dyed may be machine-washed on a low and cool machine cotton setting. Do not mix colours or tumble dry.

We recommend to hang your garments up to dry naturally, do not wring and keep them out of direct sunlight. Steam or iron gently using only a cool setting.
Natural dyes may slightly fade with age over the years depending on how often they are washed. So wash sparingly. Also avoid spraying deodorants/perfumes with chemicals/alcohol directly onto naturally dyed garments.
If you have any questions feel free to get in touch x