Ethics 2

Slow, conscious fashion 
We focus on producing small quantity batches, a sustainable and slower alternative to throwaway fast-fashion. We design these pieces with love and patience, and longevity in mind so that you can cherish them for years to come.

We work with 4 incredible factories in Jaipur and Rajasthan who specialise in block printing, fabric manufacturing, colour dying and tailoring. Our manufacturing methods focus on slow batch orders, meaning the clothing we produce is always at a small and sustainable rate.

The makers that make our clothes 
Our makers are really the core of our brand, bringing our designs to life. We have friendly and respectful relationships with our suppliers and provide above-average wages. Our pieces are ethically made, and at a manageable and sustainable pace for our team. This is central to our values, our brand and ethos.

Watching our clothing being made from start to finish, by these talented artisans, is as wonderful as it is rare.

How often do you see who has made your clothes?

From watching the colour dying and block printing process, fabric drying, pattern cutting, and stitching, we can show you every step of the way (check our Instagram for more).

So from their hands to YOURS. Enjoy! x

Our mailing bags are environmentally friendly compostable bags, which feature an eco-friendly double glue line so you can either reuse them, allow them to decompose naturally or put them in your food waste bin. Items are packaged in a beautiful recycled saree silk tote bag which has so many uses as well as being made from waste fabrics.

My love for textiles began when I was in my late teens and on a block printing course in Jaipur. I loved watching the prints come to life, from a wooden block, chiselled by hand, and dipped in vibrant colours.I have always been inspired by traditional block print and the mesmerising repeating motifs from vintage 70's and 80's Indian clothing. I really wanted to recreate and follow this craftmanship, after selling vintage, second-hand, and up-cycled clothing for many years.

I fell in love with the crazy hustle and bustle of India right away. It felt like home. With my Moroccan heritage, the similarities of busy markets, souks, outdoor eating, sunshine, vibrant spices, colours, bartering, all felt wonderful and nourishing for my soul.

I met two incredible teams in Jaipur and Noida who are brilliant at what they do, and have so much patience with me, and are passionate about their work!

A tell-tale reminder of the wonderful connection between the clothes that you wear and the hands that made them.

A tell-tale reminder of the wonderful connection between the clothes that you wear and the hands that made them.

Most of our lovely team are from remote villages that have often struggled to find regular work. We offer them financial security and a livelihood that helps support their families. So thank you for joining our journey and supporting us all involved in kharibu!